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Cuttwood Mr Fritter a review

Introducing Cuttwood’s Mr. Fritter written by: Hans Guilug

Cuttwood offers its vaping customers some of the best quality e-juice products in the US e-cig market. The e-liquid manufacturer conducts intensive research to innovate and develop the best E-Sauce available, with all their e-liquids undergoing rigorous testing to make sure that what you get is the very best.


Based in California, Cuttwood is one among the most widely-recognizable e-juice brands in the US. Having been following them and their products for a long time now, we were so excited to see them unveil their latest e-liquid at The Vaper Expo earlier in 2016. Although we got a rare chance to try the e-juice at the show, we had to wait for a little more time to get an opportunity to review it and lay our hands on the company’s giveaways.

During our tests, we used an Innokin iSub VE tank fitted with a 0.5 Ohm Stainless Steel Coil to vape the e-liquid that Cuttwood sent us for review.

Welcome Mr. Fritter!

Indulge yourself in a warm fritter that features the most perfect combination of cinnamon and apple coupled with our own unique blend of flavors for a stunning throat hit.

This particular e-liquid flavor takes you through an experience that is absolutely divine! When you inhale this e-juice, you get a scintillating natural apple taste infused with some cinnamon hint; a combo that reminds you of the real American apple pie. What’s more, a highly-satisfying fritter-like taste is also weaved perfectly into the mix to make it even better.

Mr. Fritter’s truly sublime e-juice is something you can’t afford not to try — when I first inhaled it, my 30ml bottle was over even before I knew it! In fact, I simply couldn’t stop asking for more!

At a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, Mr. Fritter produces some really fabulous vapor and vape clouds. In terms of the strength of its throat hit, we found it mild to medium.

Parting Shot

If you are a big fan of apple pie, apple fritters or you just like apple flavors in general like I do, then I definitely recommend Mr. Fritter for your taste buds!

As long as you enjoy apple vaping, I bet you are going to enjoy this flavor as well. Mr. Fritter is truly a delicious vaping recipe that will without doubt make a fantastic all-day vape provided you exercise restraint to ensure that your 30ml bottle lasts you the whole day!

We at Planet of the Vapes are very grateful to Cuttwood for sending us this e-liquid for tests and review. We have also received a bottle of the same from Sparks Ecigs to give away to our lucky customers, along with a t-shirt, a cap and a build mat. Keep it here for competition details soonest!


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