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Electric Dew E-Liquid Review

Great new flavours

Electric Dew is brand of a premium e-liquid that is London based and created by the same group of experienced mixologists and vaping enthusiasts that brought us Attitude vape. Currently, their collections consist of five distinct English-style fruit flavors that sound pretty delicious.


Electric Dew e-liquids only comes with a 15 ml bottle packaging, something that I found quite strange since most premium juice manufacturers either goes for a 30 ml packaging or they give you more option to choose a relatively larger capacity bottle. It is not something to worry about if you are a casual vaper I managed to go through a bottle of Electric Dew e-liquid in just a few hours. 15 ml bottles were the standard packaging a few years back, but due to more high power devices and a lot of thirsty tanks in the market today, 30 ml and 100 ml packaging are becoming much more common.

The packaging is pretty fine per say, with each bottle well labeled to feature the Electric Dew logo in its different color schemes making it even easier to identify all of its flavors. You will also note that they all have necessary info listed on the labels and warnings as well, including nicotine ingredients and strength, use by date and batch number, which is always so nice to see. The only thing that I didn’t like about the bottles is that they are matte black making it quite difficult for you to tell what amount of juice is remaining inside. For example if I am planning to go out and notice that my juice level is quite low, I will definitely take a spare bottle, something that only works with transparent bottles. Unfortunately for me, it is good to report that the trend of this matte black bottle has become so popular today something that I don’t like at all.

In the review of Attitude Vape, I deeply complained about the high PG content of about forty percent in the e-liquid something that left a very bad smell in my mouth. But recently I got to enjoy the following fruits flavors I don’t know what they did with them.

The flux 

The flux was with no doubt the best out of the six Electric Dew flavors, although I don’t enjoy lemon and orange citrus flavors. It is an inspired combination of elder flower and lime, a concoction that is worth to die for. This is the best e-juice that I have tried recently.

Raspberry Rewire 

If there is something you should do is to think about this juice as a refreshing raspberry mojito. I couldn’t have concluded that was the thing, but I realized raspberry and mint go well together. Rich raspberry is a sweet dominant flavor in this juice, especially during inhalation.

Banging BC

When I mention banging BC is probably like talking about a must try blue-berry dessert juice. I am a big fan of blueberry and to be honest I was moved by the whipped cream combination and amazing flavor of this blueberry. It is not the natural tasting blue-berry that you know, but a relatively sweetened dessert that leaves smooth velvet creamy after taste on someone’s mouth.


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